The Community


Here at CME , We pride on helping other businesses thrive and grow.


CME have sponsored many charities, companies & events over the years, Below are just a few of those;

*Corporate member and supporter of the Essex Wildlife Trust*

*Adopter of an chosen animal at Colchester Zoo*

*Regular contributor to the National Payroll Week every year*

*Yearly sponsor for The Leigh Folk Festival*

                                                      *Sponsors of The Pantomime Awards * 


CME Essex Wildlife Trust  



CME Proud Sponsors of Vulture Valley at Colchester Zoo
CME has sponsored many animals at Colchester Zoo, This Plaque is just one of those. 


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We Sponsored the advertising & event for Luttrell Voices at St Clements Church Leigh on Sea in 2014




                      Sponsors again of The Leigh Folk Festival : Storytelling with Shane Ibbs in 2023