Welcome to CME

The CME Personnel Consultancy Ltd provides a comprehensive yet flexible payroll service tailored to each of our client’s specific requirements.

Payroll & Pension issues are time-consuming and an employer’s obligations are frequently changing. Employing staff requires compliance with a great deal of legislation and regulation especially since the introduction in April 2013 of Real Time Information (RTI) and the introduction of auto-enrolment.

 As a small UK payroll bureau we work with yourselves to give services tailored to your needs, Giving you that much important time back to run your business, CME covers payroll services & pension services but we do cover so much more, When you are a client with ourselves we handle everything when it comes down to payroll/pensions and HMRC. By outsourcing your payroll to us you will gain valuable time back and have the weight taken off of your shoulders.

      Because here at CME  ‘we are here to lighten the load’

Our experienced Payroll and Pension’s team are experienced with CIPP training and friendly, who also care about each and every client we have on our books. We like to put the personal into the Personnel.

Key Facts about The CME Personnel Consultancy Ltd:-

A tailored payroll service – We work with you to provide what YOU need for your payroll services, everyone is different and we embrace that here at CME. If you need plenty of reports we can issue them, if you want a simple email reports and a basic service we can cover that also.

We cover all payroll frequencies.


By becoming your agent for your business we can deal with all those HMRC enquiries, Letters, Keep track of when a payment is due, Handle any issues when they arise. Giving you back the valuable time for your business.


We cover all different pension schemes here at CME, We can do basic input or we can handle all pension services if you wish that service, we tailor to your needs.

When it comes to Pension admin. CME can provide automatic enrolment pension letters; create csv files, we can even upload your pension files to your pension provider & arrange payment of your pension liabilities & administer any online payments for you.

Pension Declarations 

We can submit these on your behalf & with re-enrolments at every three years we can also process those when the time comes, If you don’t have payroll with us but just want the pension service we can tailor that to your needs.

Electronic or Postal 

We cover electronic payroll reports if you like to save the planet like us or we can do postal; we work within your needs for your payroll.

The CME Personnel Consultancy Ltd uses Cloud Software & all data is stored securely.

Our email documents are password protected so we are compliant with GDPR regulations.

And last but not least we supply peace of mind and return of valuable business time to you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Email CME: gemma@cmepersonnel.co.uk